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The Scientific Commission of ASSOBRAFIR presents the criteria for submission and acceptance of scientific Abstracts to be selected for presentations as FREE TOPICS or POSTER, at the XVIII SIFR:



  • The content of the Abstracts must e related to the Physiotherapy in Adult Intensive Care, Respiratory Physiotherapy, Cardiovascular Physiotherapy and/or Physiotherapy in Neopediatric  Respiratory Intensive Care , being submitted for examination and analysis by the Selection Committee. Abstracts of Basic area / experimental will be accepted for submission and directed to the respective aforementioned areas.
  • Abstracts of bibliographic review, case studies or description projects without results will not be accepted.  Abstracts of systematic review with results will be accepted.
  • Each Author can present up to 3 Abstracts.
  • When sending the Abstract, the Author must be already registered in the Event.
  • An e-mail will be sent to confirm receipt of the Abstract.


2)    RULES

The Abstract must be typed in Word for Windows, version 7.0 or higher, with Times New Roman, size 12, single-spaced, and justified alignment.

The Abstract must be written and presented according to the following criteria:

  • Page A4, top, bottom, right and left = 4 cm.
  • The Abstract must include summary information: introduction, objectives, materials and methods, statistical analysis, results and conclusions (the items must be described opening the respective paragraphs).
  • The Abstract should NOT exceed 400 words and must be followed by three Keywords (descriptors).
  • Title: must be justified, with capital letters, bold, and can be extended to up to two lines.
  • Author(s): please leave a blank line after the title and write the complete name of the Author(s), underlining the Presenter name.  If more than one Author, please separate them by semicolons.
  • If the Authors belong to more than one institution, please enter them by numerical exponent, placed after the Author name.
  • On the line immediately below, indicate the institution(s) of origin, city and state where the Abstract was done, without underlining. The initial letters of the words should be in uppercase and the others in lower case.
  • When appropriate, include the name of entities that sponsored the Abstract as a footnote, in font size 8.
  • No indication of titling or position of the Authors in the Abstract will be accepted.
  • No GRAPHICS or FIGURES should be included in the summary.


The non-compliance with established standards, as well as typos, grammar or language errors  will  imply in non-acceptance of the Abstract by the Commission for Selection of Scientific Abstracts.